2019 Summer Schedule & Fees

6 Week Summer Session Runs
June 17th -July 24th
Registration may be done in person at the studio or mailed in.  Not sure which class to register for?  Please email the studio, and we will be happy to help you choose your class(es)!


Summer Registration Form


10:00a-10:30a  PreBallet Ages 5-6

10:30a-11:30a  Ballet/Jazz Combo (Beginner Ages 7-9)


5:00p-6:00p      Jazz Technique (Beginner/Intermediate Ages 10+)

6:00p-7:00p      Ballet Technique (Beginner Ages 10+)

**take both and receive a discount!**


Studio A                                                                       

5:00p-8:00p      Technique Intensive                       

 **required of all competitive dancers**              


Studio B

5:00p-6:00p       Ballet/Tap Combo (Beginner Ages 7-9)  

6:00p-7:00p       Ballet/Jazz Combo (Beginner Ages 10+)                                                                                 

7:00p-7:45p       Beginner Tap Ages 10+

8:00p-8:45p       Advanced Beginner Tap Ages 12+


5:00p-6:00p      PBT/Strength & Conditioning

6:00p-7:30p      Ballet Technique Intermediate Ages 12+

**take both and receive a discount!**


6 Week Summer Fees

Prices are the total for the entire 6 week session


30 Minute Class          $38

45 Minute Class          $55

60 Minute Class          $75

90 Minute Class          $110


**50% of total class fees are due upon registration.  Payments are accepted in cash or check only.  The remaining balance is due in full the first week of classes.  Late fees will be applied.**

Class Descriptions

PreBallet:  For dancers ages five and six, this popular class introduces young students to the art of ballet and basic movement skills.  Students will learn introductory ballet steps.  Class size is kept small, so space is limited.  Dancers need to be able to be independent of caregivers and properly use the bathroom on their own.

Ballet/Jazz and Ballet/Tap Combo Classes:  These are "intro" classes and are perfect for both new students and students who have finished one dance season with us (as well as some second year students).  Time will be split introducing basic and beginning steps and technique in both mediums (ballet and tap or ballet and jazz).  A short combination will be learned to show parents the last week of class.

Technique Classes:  These classes are for our students that have enrolled in our full school year program and are looking to continue their skill building during the summer.  Students should have a minimum of two consecutive years experience in a specific medium for most of these classes.

Dress Code


Adherence to a dress code is an important part of a student’s dance education. Along with proper classroom etiquette, following the dress code shows respect for the art of dance, the teachers, and the students themselves.


Hair must be pulled back, away from the face and off of the neck at all times into a neat, secure bun.

Taking classes in street shoes or socks is not allowed.


- Girls:  Leotard


              Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

              Small Ballet skirts are optional (attached to leotard or pull on)

              No tutus or "princess" dress up clothes

- Boys:  Solid colored shirt or tank top

              Black dance pants (shorts acceptable - no denim)

              Pink or Black Leather Ballet Shoes


Ballet/Jazz or Ballet/Tap Combo Classes:

 Girls:  Solid colored leotard 


              Pink Leather ballet shoes 

              Black Tap Shoes (no patent leather, please)

              Small ballet skirts are optional, no tutus please

-Boys:   Solid colored shirt 

              Black dance/sweat pants or shorts (No denim) 

              Pink or black leather ballet shoes

              Black Tap Shoes (no patent leather, please)


Ballet Technique Classes:

-  Girls: Solid Color leotard 

              Ballet Pink tights  

              Pink ballet shoes

              Ballet skirts are optional; no shorts

 - Boys: Solid colored shirts

              Black dance pants or shorts  

              Black ballet shoes


Jazz and Tap Technique: 

 -  Girls:  Solid colored leotard or dance tank top and/or dance "booty" shorts (dance leggings and capri also acceptable)


               Tan Jazz Shoes 

               Black Tap Shoes (no patent leather, please)

               Dance skirts/shorts are optional

-  Boys:  Solid colored shirts and pants or shorts (No denim) 

               Black Jazz Shoes 

               Black Tap Shoes (no patent leather, please)

**In all classes, gender nonconforming and gender non-binary dancers may choose the dress code that makes them most comfortable.  Options for tights and shoes that match a larger variety of skin tones available - please email studio for information.**

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