2022-2023 Schedule

Registration Deadline:  August 24th
Classes begin the week of September 12th


Studio A

5:15p-6:00p  Ballet 8-10 yrs - FULL

6:00p-8:00p  Competition Technique

(Dreamers/New Beginner Team)

Studio B

5:00p-6:00p Ballet/Tap Combo 6-7 yrs - FULL

6:00p-6:30p  Jazz 8-10 yrs - FULL

6:30p-7:00p  Tap 8-10 yrs  


Studio A

5:00p-7:30p  Competition Technique

7:30p-8:30p  Competition Rehearsal


Studio B



Studio A

5:00p-6:30p  Ballet/Lyrical 9-11 yrs         6:30p-7:15p  Jazz 9-11 yrs 
*these classes are for dancers with 2-3 years experience with us or have been referred to this level by Ms. Carla*      

Studio B

4:30p-5:00p  PreBallet 4 yrs

5:15p-6:15p  Ballet/Tap Combo 4-5 yrs

6:15p-7:15p  Ballet/Tap Combo 6-7 yrs


Studio A

4:45p-5:45p  New Team Rehearsal
5:45p-6:45p  Dreamers Rehearsal
6:45p-7:30p  Teen Rehearsal
7:30p-8:15p  Teen Rehearsal

Studio B


The studio will be closed Aug 25 - Sept 5. Ms. Carla will not have ANY access to email, so registrations will not be accepted during this time.  Please plan accordingly.

Dress Code

Adherence to a dress code is an important part of a student’s dance education. Along with proper classroom etiquette, following the dress code shows respect for the art of dance, the teachers, and the students themselves.


Hair must be fully secured back, away from the face and off of the neck at all times. For all classes, long hair must be pulled back into a neat, secure ballet bun. No jewelry of any kind may be worn in class - exception for small earrings without hoops.


**In all classes, non-binary dancers and/or transgender dancers may choose the dress code that makes them most comfortable.**




PreBallet/Ballet Combo:

- Girls:  Leotard


              Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

              Small Ballet skirts are optional (attached to leotard or pull on)

              No tutus or "princess" dress up clothes

- Boys:  Solid colored shirt or tank top

              Black dance pants (shorts acceptable - no denim)

              Pink or Black Leather Ballet Shoes


-  Girls: Solid Color leotard 

              Tights or leggings that match leotard

              Pink ballet shoes

              Ballet skirts are optional; no shorts

 - Boys: Solid colored shirts

              Black dance pants or shorts  

              Black ballet shoes


Jazz & Tap/Tap Combo:

 -  Girls:  Solid colored leotard or dance tank top

               Tights or leggings/shorts that match leotard/top

               Tan Jazz Shoes 

               Black Tap Shoes (**no shiny/patent leather shoes allowed on our floors**)

 -  Boys:  Solid colored shirts and pants or shorts (No denim) 

               Black Jazz Shoes 

               Black Tap Shoes (**no shiny/patent leather shoes allowed on our floors**)