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"We cannot say enough about Inclusion Dance, as parents of a committed young dancer as our daughter Molly. We have been dancing with Miss Carla for over 5 years, following her from her days as Town of Menasha Park and Rec teacher - to her dream of opening her own dance studio. Miss Carla exemplifies the talent and values that we could never have imagined. This is NOT "Dance Moms" like you see on TV. Dancers are confidant and not  taught to compete against each other, but rather support each other. Mom's (and Dad's) socialize together and encourage and support each other. We cannot be more grateful for what this dance studio has taught our daughter, and the most valuable friendships she has made. We cannot miss mentioning the studio secretary, Miss Kathy, for instilling those values on her daughter Carla - she is awesome! Inclusion Dance - you rock!!" Jerry & Deanna - Dance Parents



"We have known Miss Carla for years... She is a wonderful instructor with lots of patience and understanding. I believe that her greatest asset is making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. I would absolutely recommend her studio & classes to anyone. Proud to be part of such a great studio!"  Erin - Dance Mom



"My daughter has danced with numerous studios and teachers over the past 13 years, and I can honestly say that Miss Carla is the best dance instructor she has ever had.  Miss Carla's attention to detail, her technique instruction, and her compassion toward each of her dancers is outstanding.  Her ability to treat each dancer as a whole person makes her not only an exceptional dance teacher, but an excellent role model as well. I feel truly blessed that my daughter gets to call Miss Carla her dance teacher, and Inclusion Dance her dance 'home.'" Tammy - Dance Mom



"Miss Carla helped me gain the confidence to help me be the person I am today.  The confidence she has given to me in the dance studio has helped me in the classroom.  Miss Carla truly cares about us, and I am so grateful for all she has done for me.  She helped me become the dancer and student I am through all her amazing teaching and love and caring she gives to me.  She has become an important role model in my life.  I love Miss Carla and dancing with her is one the best opportunities  I have been given!"  Madeson - Student



" I love Inclusion Dance, because I have made a lot of special friends, and Miss Carla is the best teacher in the world!" She is the best because she makes dance fun and silly, but also teaches us awesome dance routines. Miss Carla always tells us to never give up, and encourages us to be our best.I love Inclusion Dance, and will always dance there!!" Ava R - Student


"Inclusion Dance has been a blessing to our family. Our daughter, Ava, absolutely loves to dance, but it is so much more than that for her. She has made wonderful friends, has confidence in herself, and has learned the importance of respect, trust, and uplifting others when they are down. Miss Carla is an amazing teacher and role model for these girls, and we are forever grateful to have found an amazing studio, teacher, and dance family." Carla R - Dance Mom



"I have danced with Miss Carla for 13 years.  I was shy and not very confident.  Over the years Miss Carla has helped me to become the person I am today.  Her love for teaching and the way she cares about all her students is amazing.   Miss Carla is one of the most amazing people I know and is an inspiration to all those who are lucky enough to be in her classroom.  Her passion for teaching and helping other has made me want to do the same and follow in her footsteps.  My sister and I have been so lucky to have such an amazing dance teacher and role model in our lives.  I would recommend anyone to come and join our studio.   To become a part of Inclusion Dance is one of the best decisions a dancer could ever make.  Miss Carla is an amazing dance instructor and one of the amazing people in my life!" Taylor - Student



"We are so thankful that our daughter dances at Inclusion Dance. What makes Inclusion Dance so special is the owner/instructor Miss Carla. Miss Carla's dance experience and teaching philosophy is second to none. Not only does our daughter receive high quality individualized dance instruction, she is also taught team work and character development. Kindness and encouragement are emphasized as much as proper dance technique. At competitions, Inclusion dancers are not only awarded with high scores, but also recognized for displaying good sportsmanship towards other dance teams. Ms. Carla is a very talented instructor. She is able to instruct at all levels. She has a unique ability to drive our daughter to reach her full potential and still make learning to dance fun. After researching many local dance studios, the decision to join Inclusion Dance was a no brainier! Inclusion Dance and Miss Carla have allowed our daughter to be challenged and provided her the training and skills needed to perform at a high level. I would highly recommend Inclusion Dance to anyone looking for a dance studio that will challenge your child's skills as well as influence you child's mind."  Cathy and Jim - Dance Parents



"My girls have dance will Miss Carla for 13 years.  She is an amazing teacher whose love and passion of dance shows every time she is in the studio.   Her passion for dance flows down into the dancers that she teaches. Miss Carla is a role model for all who dance with her.  She teaches life lessons that will help the dancers achieve goals in their lives.Her passion and love for dance is infectious and shows as she is teaching her students.  My girls have been blessed to have an amazing role model in their lives like Miss Carla."  Tracy - Dance Mom



"Over the last 10 years, our daughter has had the privilege to have Ms. Carla for her dance teacher. Our daughter, Alexis, has grown leaps and bounds in the last 10 years not only as a dancer but also as a young teenager. Dance brings out her confidence and makes her feel special. I like the fact that Ms. Carla has promoted in her classes to be kind, respectful, and compassionate to all people around them at all times, and I see this carry over into her school life as well. Dance is her favorite night of the week, and we feel very lucky that she has gotten to have the same wonderful dance teacher for so many years and look forward to many more." Paul and Bridget M. - Dance Parents



"I was asked who my role model was one day and I said, ‘My dance teacher, Miss Carla.’ They asked me why and I said ‘Because she works at Harbor House.’ They looked at me weird. They expected me to say a movie star, but I think Miss Carla is a better choice since they could change at any moment and ruin your dreams. I’m so happy that we have a good dance teacher that works for a good cause and doesn’t care about winning." Sabrina A. - Dance Student



"Miss Carla – I don’t know how to express how much of an amazing, kind, and beautiful teacher you really are! You really connect with us and care about how we feel. You can tell when we are sad, and you make us excited and joyful. You help every single one of us!" Baylee F. - Dance Student



"Miss Carla has taught me more than dance lessons. She has taught me self-confidence, acceptance, empowerment, compassion, patience and being true to ME. I don’t think I would have learned that without her. She inspires us." Mackenzie D.  - Dance Student



"Miss Carla is a role model for all people. She sticks to her values and will never say anything that puts down another person. Not only is she a dance teacher, but she teaches what life is supposed to be about. Miss Carla excersizes the importance of inclusion and being open-minded in her classes. If you ever have any problem, dance related or not, she will be there with an open heart, ready to help. The question isn't why choose Inclusion Dance studio instead of any other Fox Valley studio. The real question is, why wouldn't you." Olivia R.  - Dance Student



"My girls have danced with Miss Carla for 10 years. Miss Carla’s love for dance and infectious personality make dance an amazing opportunity for all those who want to dance. She cares about each and every child and always treats them and the parents with the upmost respect." Pat B.  - Dance Dad



"When you walk into the room and watch her teaching, you can just see and feel the passion for the love of dance in the faces of the students and Miss Carla. My girls have gained the self confidence they need to succeed in dance and in life because of Miss Carla! She teaches more than dance: she teaches the students to respect everyone and to always be kind, in and out of the classroom." Tracy B.  - Dance Mom

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